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Jenn Sarfaty is a dynamic and creative content director, obsessed with the power of words and connection. 

Her background in content strategy and copywriting inform her mindful and detail-oriented approach to communicating ideas across different platforms. Offering over 8 years of experience in relationship-based and educational content marketing, Jenn is enthusiastic about supporting brand development and growth, while remaining curious and receptive to how a brand's story can grow with its audience. 

Jenn is fueled by her passion for understanding the way humans make decisions. She is consistently seeking ways to study patterns of human behavior and how that affects buying power, how well a message is received, and the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. 

She is the first person to dissect the message within a television commercial, pause to read the manufacturer’s origin stories on product packaging, or recognize the hidden meaning in a business’s name. 

Her professional motto is, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This and the creative nature of taking risks, collaborating with other creatives, and learning from the questions more than the answers themselves is what has driven the breadth of work she has contributed to - reaching over 25 different professional industries. 

In her free time, she can be found sitting outside coffee shops with her dog in Los Angeles, scribbling poetry in her journal, or reading non-fiction in the sun.


Jenn Sarfaty

storyteller • strategist • collaborator 

Phone 845-544-4903

 Remote - California



Nov 2016 - July 2022


Content Director > Content Strategist < Editor < Copywriter

SYNDUIT is a SaaS platform that serves as both an automated content-marketing system as well as a portfolio company for 15+ industry-specific equivalents. 

The industries SYNDUIT services range from the health care field to individual coaching businesses to niche service-based professionals. Some include:

Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, Dentistry, Mental Health,
Business Coaching, Health Coaching, Personal Training,
Real Estate, Financial Services, Pet Care, Yoga, and More. 


SYNDUIT has also partnered with leaders in the alternative medicine, personal development, and education fields, including, but not limited to:

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, The John Maxwell Team,  Biotics Research, Business Network International,

Jack Canfield, Gray Institute, doTERRA, and More.


SYNDUIT creates done-for-you campaigns that are research-based and mindful of the industry's particular needs in regard to copy tonality and digital marketing assets. Campaigns include:

Webinar Scripts and Presentations, Registration Landing Pages, Email Sequences, Social Media Posts, Print and

Digital Assets (such as posters, flyers, ads, etc.) and More. 


Screenshot 2021-10-27 232654.jpg

see full resume here


• Creative problem-solving and efficient

project management experience

• Excellent copywriting and

editing skills, close attention to detail

• Thorough understanding of the intricacies

of both B2B and B2C marketing

• Extensive remote working experience,

individually and in a team environment

• Experience in analyzing metrics,

identifying trends, and optimizing performance

• Well-versed in social media strategy,

promotion, and reporting

• Not afraid to take risks and break the

mold for positive company development

• An insatiable hunger to learn new skills

and apply them in realtime

• Contributed to over 3,000 marketing campaigns 

• Created over 20 branding guides for the internal creative team

• Created a 50-page creative manual for use of the entire creative team (and cross-team collaboration)

• Coordinated the update of all software Help articles, resulting in up to 60% less customer service requests for customer concerns 


• Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter, & LinkedIn

• Google Analytics, Facebook
Insights, & Twitter Analytics

• Hootsuite & Later Posting

• Asana Project Management

• Canva & Adobe Spark

Kajabi & Thinkific 

• Google Workspace &
Microsoft Office

• Reconfigured the task management system for efficiency and ease of use, including but not limited to creating templates for repeated projects, identifying time expectations for each phase of a project’s subtasks, and translating all into digestible reports for team visibility

• Developed and sustained a uniform SYNDUIT voice for all B2B copy created 

• Significantly decreased creative debt by organizing and re-purposing all
backlog campaigns

• Delivered the concept of strategizing (or stacking) our campaign types in order to provide more comprehensive marketing strategies to our users




Jenn Sarfaty is currently open to roles in content strategy and creative project management. She is enthusiastic about working with companies that are mission-driven and adaptable and value direct communication and collaboration. 

Phone 845-544-4903

 Remote - California

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